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What We Have is Each Other

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  • In order to access the actual services and other features on our website, you need to Create an Account (it's best to use your full name as a username) and then, fill out your member profile. Your approval will be processed within 24 hours. Make sure to check your Junk Box and your Spam Filter more often. Once you received the confirmation, add our e-mail to your contact list
  • Attend an orientation (if one is scheduled) or complete an online orientation (Contact your coordinator)
  • Post some skills and talents you have to offer other members.
  • Post some requests for skills or talents that other members can provide for you.

What is WRTE

The Waterloo Region Time Exchange (WRTE) is a Community based group. Fully focused on rebuilding a strong community and a better neighbourhood

With the ongoing collapse of our economy that ran and controlled by a few powerful banking system...

With the everlasting unemployment rate exceeding a certain level... leaving almost 50,000 of our population in Waterloo Region living in the deepest poverty...

With more and more skilled and talented people are laid off or retired every day...

With even more people are kept out of the marketplace just because the traditional market dose not value their efforts...

the TimeBanking movements around the world have become day after day an alternative method of redefining work and providing a two-way help (help me/help you), by Giving and Receiving in Reciprocity from and to each other with no money exchanged...

Once you gave ONE HOUR or more of your time providing any service you could possibly give, i.e. gardening, teaching, babysitting, massaging, body treatment, dog walking, computer repair, carpentry, plumbing, wiring, book reading, cooking, driving, care giving, housekeeping, painting, accounting... just to name a few... this ONE HOUR, it will be your time credit in our time exchange bank software and the more you give, the more time hours you earn and the more you can spend them by requesting other community helper's services you need. Check out this short video It's that simple,

This group is a Community Based Network of people who have a strong believe in GIVING and RECEIVING in Reciprocity form and in helping each other... and it's the first step to meet and great people like yourself, who is ready to start giving and receiving within our community

Ongoing Use of the Time Exchange

  • Don't hesitate to respond to an offer or request. This is exactly how new sharing and relationships are built which strengthen our community.
  • Please respond in a timely manner to calls or e-mail you receive from your neighbours about the requests or offers you've posted.
  • After you've communicating with a neighbour and determining a service exchange is appropriate, make specific arrangements how to coordinate the exchange.
  • Fulfil the exchange and save a record of it in your hours account.
  • Come back and review offers and requests from other members

Do this again and again to help keep our community alive

Out of OUR Tax Dollar, Out of OUR own Sweat
Our Government paid
30.9 Billions in 2010/11 budget

As interests on Debt to Bankers

To learn Where Your Tax Dollar Goes, visit debt charges (11 cents)


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